Cumberland County is a town in Westmorland County, New South Wales. It sits on the banks of Lake Munmorah, the largest coastal saltwater lake in New South Wales. And it is full of wonderful places to visit. Spending time in Cumberland is even better with the escorts Cumberland has to offer.


Remain Anonymous


When looking for an escort, it is always important that you make sure you set the boundaries. As a client, you have the right to be anonymous. You are hiring an escort from a professional agency, and we don’t retain records or a database of your information. Your details will be used for screening purposes only. If possible, do not tell anyone – even close friends or family members. Also, avoid exchanging emails or phone numbers with your escort. This way, you will always remain anonymous. It is also against our company policy for clients to share these details with our escorts.


Find Out About their Interests


There are many Cumberland escorts to choose from ranging from blondes to brunettes and even redheads! See our escort gallery here for a visual look t our girls. You can choose to hire one for an hour or a longer depending on your needs and what you desire. If you are not sure which escort matches your desires, find out about their interests and preferences with our friendly staff so you know which ones will be more suited to you.


When Booking


When booking Cumberland escorts, there are a few things you should not forget. First, make sure you choose an escort that suits your needs and desires.


Secondly, feel free to buy a gift for your escort. While most escorts will never expect clients to offer them anything, they will appreciate the ones who do bring them a little treat and remember that client for their next booking. Wine, champaign, chocolates and flowers are a great start. If you can’t find a suitable present, just offer your escort a simple meal out instead.


Meeting Your Cumberland Escort


When meeting with your escort for the first time, you must talk about what services they can provide. It is also important that both of you communicate with each other about what is okay and what is not okay. Making sure you are on the same page will allow both of you to have a good time.


Lastly, remember that your escort is a professional, and giving them a tip is appreciated. This is the best gift you can give an escort. Many of our client enjoy tipping our escorts. Tipping ensures the escort remembers you the next time you come back to hire an escort from Cumberland County escorts.


In Summary


If you decide to hire a Cumberland escort, remain anonymous and remember to ask the escort about what she can do and not do before meeting her. And always remember, tips are greatly appreciated!

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